chasing-the-scream-3The Opposite Of Addiction Is Not Sobriety
The Opposite Of Addiction Is Connection

Johann Hari, author of Chasing the Scream The True Story of The War on Drugs & the Myth of Addiction




Johann Hari is speaking live at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on Wednesday the 9th of September and we’ve got some tickets to give away to Enpsychedelia listeners!

We’re looking for harm reduction tips you apply to yourself in order to avoid harms associated with your use of drugs (including alcohol, caffeine, etc. We hold no prejudices here!)
Harm reduction promotes health and prevention of drug related harms without seeking absolute abstinence.

Send us an email and include:

  • Your full name
  • Address
  • Contact number
  • Contact email
  • One – two paragraphs describing a harm reduction measure or tip you and/or your peers apply when you’re taking a drug.

Winners will be contacted by Tuesday 8th of September before 18:00 and placed on the door list for Wednesday night.
We’re looking for practical and novel tips. All tips will be read out anonymously on next week’s episode of Enpsychedelia.
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Journalist Johann Hari is the best-selling author of Chasing the Scream, an epic three year journey into discovering the hidden truth behind the war on drugs, and the real cause of addiction.

For one hundred years since drugs were banned in the USA, the ‘War on Drugs’ has incarcerated millions, persecuted more and irreversibly altered the lives of people around the globe.

Hari debunks the myths we are sold about addiction and the drug war. Primarily that drugs are not what we think they are. Addiction is not what we think it is. And the drug war has very different motives to the ones we have seen on our TV screens for so long.

Join the lively panel discussion with leading Australian experts…

After his talk Johann will join a live expert panel discussion in the company of eminent influences in the fields of addiction, law enforcement and medicine including:

Greg Denham (LEAP)

Greg Denham – former Victoria Police officer and founder of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition Australia (LEAP), part of a global organisation made up 100,000 police and criminal justice members, which believe the existing drug policies have failed in their intended goals of addressing the problems of crime, drug abuse and addiction. Greg says: “What’s more harmful; drugs or drug policies?”

Fiona Patten (The Australian Sex Party)

Fiona Patten is the founder and leader of the Australian Sex Party and a Member of the Victorian Legislative Council for the Northern Metropolitan region. Fiona came to politics after 20 years of lobbying for the rights of organisations involved in the sexual rights and civil liberties movement. Frustrated and deeply disappointed with the lack of social change on censorship, drug law reform, euthanasia and marriage-equality, she set up and registered the Australian Sex Party in 2009 with a strong focus on civil libertarian and personal freedom issues. She became the first political leader to call for a Royal Commission into child sex abuse in religious institutions. In the 2014 Victorian state election she won her seat in the Victorian Legislative Council representing the Northern Metropolitan Region.

Annie Madden (AIVL)

Annie Madden is the Executive Officer of the Australian Injecting & Illicit Drug Users League (AIVL) the national organisation representing people who inject or have injected illicit drugs including people in drug treatment. AIVL is also the peak body for the national network of peer-based state/territory drug user organisations. Annie has been working in the areas of injecting drug use, HIV, peer education, harm reduction, treatment and drug user representation.