eu-1232430_1920 The long awaited international conference on medical cannabis was held on November 30th. It was organized by the European Parliament in Brussels. The turnout was impressive, 11 countries were represented by investors and stakeholders in the industry like cannabis experts, doctors, patients and other important delegates. Here is the full list of the participants.

This was the first international conference organized for medical cannabis. In recent years, the advocacy for a wider acceptance of medical cannabis has become even bolder with experts and medical professionals from all over the world lending their support. Many important and reputable European doctors, researchers, stakeholders and politicians were given opportunities to speak at the conference; they made a good case calling for the creation and implementation of laws supporting the use of medical cannabis in the EU.

euro kouloglouThe inaugural International Conference on medical cannabis was organized by the left wing European united left/Nordic Green Left European Parliamentary Group. The goal was to discuss and analyze the extent at which countries across the world have acknowledged the benefits of medical marijuana enough to legalize it in their territories and also to share useful information with the delegates on how they can implement working strategies to establish a legally operated and controlled market in their countries. The conference lasted for three hours. There were two panels and a total of fourteen speakers.

It was encouraging to see the reports presented for the medical successes attained in the use of cannabis for treating patients all around the world. The conference was kicked off with a lecture delivered by MEP Stelios Kouloglou on the positive impact legalization of medical cannabis will have on economies.

Several presentations were made with reports that proved there is a progressive advancement in research work on cannabis.

The highlight was the presentation made by Dr. Dominique Lossignol who advocated a wider use of cannabis administered to cancer patients to help alleviate the pains they go through as a result of their his conclusion, he raised a point that should become a big question in the minds of those who are still indignant towards the legal use of medical cannabis. He asked why a proven means through which cancer patients can be helped should not be acknowledged when it works.

euro-evdokasDr. Franjo Grotenhemen who is the chairman of the international association for cannabinoids in medicine (IACM), intimated the gathering of the decision by the German government to approve the use of medical cannabis, He confirmed that this decision is supported by a bill.

Many speakers stressed on the reasons why patients who need medical cannabis should be allowed a controlled access to it. A practicing pharmacist from Israel named Saul Kaye talked about the huge impact the medical cannabis initiative has had on their economy. He stressed the need for other governments to hop on board as soon as they can because even without their involvement, the industry was blossoming far more than expected.

The last speaker was Stefan Eck, from Germany and a member of the European Parliament. He also called for the legalization of medical cannabis.

The use of cannabis for medical treatments dates as far back as five thousand years. I am of the opinion that the EU should seriously consider legalizing it for use in the medical sector.