After a bit of a hiatus, while doing exams and setting up Enpsychedelia’s new home (here), Episode 9 is released 20/11/12.

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    It’s been a few weeks for Enpsychedelia. You may have noticed that we have a new home here, you can now follow us on Twitter and find us on Facebook.

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    Through the social media feeds, updates on the podcast will be posted, but also updates on drug policy and media reporting across the globe, new scientific research and the sharing of the arts, whether they be musical, wordwrangled or visual in nature.
    Also over the past few weeks, the policy debate has heated up once again with the U.S. States of Colorado and Washington both voting the legalise marijuana, which has caused a stir in Central and South America, where leaders there are questioning both America’s moral integrity to be behind the War on Drugs and whether that policy approach is an official failure, so other options can be explored. It’s also caused a stir in America itself, where at a national level, cannabis remains outlawed but the states have more power over many of their own affairs. The US Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske was in Australia, speaking to Parliament in Canberra last week and had this to say about the legalisation.

    I think that is my favourite quote against democracy of the day. Basically, Gil is telling Americans that they voted wrong and were duped by lobby interest groups, big money and lots of legislation… which… I dunno, maybe he’s a bit of an idealist… because as far as I’ve seen – that’s pretty much all democracy is! And let’s not belittle that here… this is exactly how our system works. Fancy marketing, plenty of lobbying, extensive legislation and bureaucracy and plenty of funding to keep the thing rolling… just look at lobby groups in Australia like… The Australian Christian Lobby – who seem to constantly end up in the news to have their say, irrespective of the fact that many Christian denominations have come out against this group, saying they are not representative… or, the Business Council of Australia – a lobby group for around 120 top CEOs of companies that have an Australian presence… these are the guys you constantly hear about and see talking about “flexibility” in the workplace – in layman’s terms… that means, wages that can compete with abhorrent standards in third world countries, individual contracts that eradicate the problem of workers getting together to try and provide a united front to a mega-employer and other such apparently beneficial economic concepts.
    Anyway, those are two examples of some of the ways people play the democratic game in our country. The point is, Gil noting this as if it is an extreme and abhorrent example of democracy gone wrong is terribly hypocritical considering this seems the only path to elicit big change in a western democratic nation like the U.S.

    The tides are changing against obsolete policy, yet still a few old souls hang tight…

  • Asiro – Emancipator (Leaping into the Void)

    Just a kid of 17 years from a distant dimension that doesn’t present itself in the everyday 3D Earthly dwelling. I like beats. I’ve been making them Since July 2012.
    Part of Indelible Niche Collective, DaP Station and AsiroLotus (collaboration with JayLotus)

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  • Greg Kasarik Interview – #Hungerstrike2012

    Greg begun his hunger strike on Wednesday November 14th 2012, planning to go through until December 21st 2012. Kasarik will spend a majority of this time in Melbourne’s Bourke Street Mall, with his golden retriever (who is not on a hunger strike), Sasha. I caught up with Greg on day one of his hunger strike…

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  • Oteetee – Swan-Frog

    Oteetee’s début album “Other Than Thought” will be released digitally on iTunes and across all other major online music stores on the 21st of December, 2012, and includes the track on this episode of Enpsychedelia.

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    Other Than Thought is a 12-track journey into an ambient, dark, and sub-heavy landscape, spanning many genres including, but not limited to, IDM, dubstep, breaks and minimal techno.

    There will be a physical release and album launch in mid-2013. Please support this Melbourne-based artist by keeping your eye on this site, sharing the tunes around, and grabbing a copy of the album.

  • Etienne – Salvia Divinorum Part 1

    This two part story begins with Etienne heading to Strawberry Fields festival 2011. The second part of the story will be out with Episode 10 of Enpsychedelia. Bookmark the webpage!

    I have to begin at the start, or more so the entry into the festive grounds. I was chilling with two friends of mine. We had no tickets but we had a car and the will to say, let’s do it, we’ll make this happen.

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    We drove down the dirt track till we hit the line of cars waiting to get into the grounds; this was about 1km from the site. A friend knew our situation and ran back to our car and said ‘you better get out of here’ and so we left the car with him and disappeared into the bush on foot. Usually I would hide under a mattress but with two extras alternative options had to be made.
    Through the bush we ran until we hit the river. We had seen that the festival was on a river and we thought if we followed it we would eventually get there. The sun reflected of the water’s edge like little diamonds scattering through the trees, we had to embrace it. We sat down and smoked a DMT joint and listened to the tranquil sounds of nature Beautiful, so beautiful in fact that we forgot about the time and the sun was nearing the end of its path, we had to make a move.
    We walked and we walked, and we realized that this was not one river but a network of waterways through what seemed like marshy swamplands, a maze if you will. If it wasn’t for the pound of base we never would have known where to go. On three occasions we had to completely undress and cross the water. Three naked men with their cloths above their heads wading through a marsh. It was quite the comical scene.
    Finally we saw the grounds. We arched our way around the back through the water like some sort of army troop destined for battle, survival, the main objective. The excitement was explosively tangible to say the least. Out of the deep grass we sprang grooving to the sound of trance like we had always been there. We were potentially a little muddy for the first day but we managed to fit right in.
    By this point the sun had disappeared and the chill had set in, we knew we had to find camp before the night swallowed us with its shadows. We split in three directions with the plan to meet back in ten minutes… the plan yet simple, never came to fruition. We lost one and didn’t see him till the end of the festival, the other I met back at the camp site latter than night.
    Our camp site consisted of many strangers and a few friends. Just the way I like it. I love the smell of new thought and the visuals of a new face. We sat and talked for a while. I spawned convocation with one and he had something I had never tried before, well not it that concentration and he seemed like a good soul, trustworthy.
    He had never tried DMT and was raving about a 60X extract of salvia. I was 26 at the time and the last time I tried it was at the age of 14, but that was only a 5X extract and I was not ready for such an event at that age.
    I will explain this experience.
    In inhaled and exhaled and said that did… Reality disappeared, pure darkness, everywhere. Then a set of head lights in the distance could be seen, far, far away. As the lights came closer I realized it was a bus and everyone that meant anything to me and others I potentially had not met yet were on the bus. Something, everything, this presence told me; get on or be left in the darkness, in the nothingness, left and alone. I hailed the bus but it didn’t stop. I felt it connect with my arm and it was harder that any hit I had ever felt before. As it hit I span around and around and around, falling, falling, falling.
    As I hit the ground I woke very confused and in pain. No longer was I sitting on the couch where I had smoked it but under the table that was in front of it. My friends told me that I had stood up and put my arm out in front of me and then with utmost force span in midair, connected with the table and hit the floor.
    This experience I had when I was 14 made little sense at the time and although over the past 12 years I had felt no need to search for it, there it was and I felt I was ready to re-enter that world.
    – To be continued in Episode 10 of Enpsychedelia…

  • Fiona Patten (Australian Sex Party) – Portuguese drug policy part 1

    Fiona Patten is leader of the Australian Sex Party and has run in several elections, both at the federal and state level. Enpsychedelia does not like to endorse or undorse (This is a new word. Write it in your dictionary) any particular political parties, but we do like to hear what they have to say! Fiona visited Portugal to see their drug decriminalised policies in action.

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  • Jasper – Horse Flies

    Hailing from a bass-infested warehouse in Melbourne, this frequency fiddler spends as much time as he can tweaking digital instruments. You’ll enjoy the results.

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  • Fiona Patten Part 2

    See above.

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