Interviews with PRISM’s Steve McDonald, HEMP Party Victoria’s Matt Riley and a final wrap up with Greg Kasarik on his hunger strike.  A quick look into the research chemical 2CT-7, after some contributors sent a (rather) vague trip-report.  Music from The Mollusk, Inkstain Pro and Bastage.


  • Intro

  • The Mollusk – Sine Wave Love

    From the deep vapourous soaked spaces, filled with their own imaginings and roaming thoughts of times that once was.

    From the infectious melody driven vibes of oxygen, its sun drenched reverbs glistening and igniting the past to come rushing to your neurons, as if painting your first picture as a child, to the dream fueled synth work of Sine Wave Love, showcasing a remarkable ear for melodics and captivating talent for creating transformational spaces, The Mollusk provides six tracks of the perfect summer soundtrack which will no doubt be stuck on repeat of many sound systems for months to come.

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  • Interview – Greg Kasarik: Hunger Strike 2012 Finale

  • Interview – Matt Riley: HEMP Party Victorian Chapter


  • Basalt – Fire Away

  • Experience – 2CT-7

  • Inkstain Pro – Frogs in a Pond

  • Interview – Steve McDonald: PRISM and MDMA for PTSD

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