We hear from Rhythmik, Mikki Michelle and Belo, catch up on This Week in Psychedelics, get part 2 of Etienne’s Salvia Divinorum story and speak with Greg Kasarik about his hunger strike.
This episode was originally released 4th December 2012

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    Hello and welcome to Episode 10 of Enpsychedelia.
    We’ve been working hard on this website so we can provide transcripts for all the interviews for you to read. Along with the transcripts is extra information, links to news stories, research studies, government agencies and articles such as those on Erowid.org.

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    There may also be pictures and video depending on the interview. Every artist that contributes to Enpsychedelia also has pictures and links to their Soundclouds or other websites, including places to find their albums or EPs if they have one. Before we get in to this week’s episode, I want to thank everyone who’s supported the project so far. We’re looking for new kinds of contributions for Enpsychedelia. Not only are we searching for audio contributions, such as songs or poetry, rants, stories, trip reports or other such experiences, but we’re also looking for visual artists and writers who would like to contribute to our Opinions section on the website. This will be a place for people to share their writing and I’m particularly interested in those who want to share their political or media commentary.
    In this episode, we’ll be hearing tracks from Rhythmik, Belo and Mikki Michelle. We’ll also have part two of Etienne’s story with the Diviner’s Sage, Salvia Divinorum, catching up with Greg Kasarik to see how his hunger strike has been progressing and getting this week’s roundup of psychedelic news.

  • BeLo – Hassidic Mango

    A relatively mysterious looking and detail-light website holds several of the tracks of contributor BeLo, including Hassidic Mango. The sounds seem more like the whirring of an alien computer coming to life than the sorts of music one might expect from a human. Maybe… just maybe… this might be the case…

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  • Etienne – Salvia Divinorum Part 2

    Part one is here.
    I mentioned last time that my first experience on salvia was a 5x extract at the age of 14. Now at the age of 26 I was about to explore this world again but this time on a 60x extract… and I thought I was ready.

    About an hour before this I had eaten one square piece of paper and 15 minutes before a fat line of ketamine. Yes I had entered the land of acid and yes I had the wonk.

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    I packed a cone and watched as it turned to lava, slightly grew and then disappeared. It tickled slightly yet it was smooth and I exhaled, and then it hit me, and then, time ceased to be.

    I had forgotten this feeling of contortion. It was like ropes had been attached to every point of my body pulling in every direction. They did this all at the same time but at the same time all at different times. Some were strong, others not so strong. Then there was a force waving or more so washing over me in a waterfall of needles. But not the way water falls, it was falling upside down. It came from under the ground and up through my feet piercing each part of me as they made their way to my head. As the needles passed through my heart these ropes became exceptionally defined. They split apart and multiplied a thousand times into strands the size of spider web. They stopped pulling in any random direction and aligned into two forces, the left and the right. As this happened I became the binder of an open book looking out on the page of reality. I realized it was a single page in a book of realities with the strings as my tools to turn the pages. I pulled to the left and the page would turn to the left, I pulled the right and right the page would turn. It was exceptionally exciting . I had become the puppet master of realities.

    I noticed after I had overcome the excitement of this power that each reality looked identically the same physically but the feeling energy and vibration of each world was completely different. The demeanors of the beings were not the same and my outlook of each one was completely changed. Some pages had a positive energy while others had exceptional evil one. For each outlook I could have the page existed and I began to realize that there were unlimited outlooks and so the book was never ending.

    In the excitement I forgot how many pages I had turned. As I began to turn pages with more caution I began to realize that that I may never get back to my own. That this power I had obtained would ware off and I may become stuck on the wrong page forever wondering if I would ever return to my own.

    Frantically I turned pages, pages turned to chapters and chapters turned to bookshelves. I let my faith slip away and as I did so with it went my power and the book slammed shut.

    I was left floating in the astral plains. I no longer physically existed. All that was left was a set of white gloved hands not connected to anything, if you ever played some of those Nintendo 64 games were you get to the last boss you will have an idea of what the hands looked like. I had control of these hands though and in front of them sat what seemed like my depiction of the wheel of life, glowing in all its glory. This magnificent disk looked like a CD but with a larger hole in the center and gold like bricks covered its matrix like texture. This was all that existed in this realm. It slowly turned. Then a blinding light, so blinding in fact that if I had eyes in this realm I wonder if I would still be able to see. To this day I wonder if it was this light that damaged my sight. This blinding light made a crack in the disk and in this strange plane. I looked through the crack and knew straight away what was on the other side; it was the page I was searching for, the page of reality, the page of life.

    The circle then seemed like a boat, like the ferry of life, it even had a toot toot, toot toot. Like the train master calls, all aboard, it then through this rip in time and space slowly but surely started to turn. It was departing this dark place that I was left in and with all my might I grabbed it with these white gloves that I possessed. I through them forward and attempted to latch onto the dist but they had no grip and no effect on changing the path of the disk. It was slipping through my fingers. I clawed at the ferry and watched as the last piece of the wheel disappeared through the rip. This blinding light engulfed the rip and sealed the gateway closed. I was left without the gloved hands without the physical, without light, left in the darkness of my mind.

    Slowly reality faded back in and with it my physical nature and being. At this point I cried and I cried without moving, not even to wipe the tears.
    Audio ends here, but the story continues…
    I believed in that moment that I was lost in the madness; existence was futile, like a ripped page from a book. That I had ether become broken or I had always been broken and I would never be fixed. I sat for a long time in that place and although I felt that I didn’t belong, my friend comforted me and told me that I made a difference if only just in his life it was proof enough. I then realized that I did have purpose, if not for me then for others and I arose from my place of rest.

    Some experiences can be very profound while others can leave us utterly confused. What seems like fact one day can be far from fact the next. What seems like truth can be misread and also changed with a word. Although I felt like a stranger to this world when I arose I was still me and on one could ever take that from me but myself. This in its self was good enough to continue to be. So I walked to the dance floor with my friend and we got on with the party.

  • Mikki Michelle – Grapevine

    After toying around with acoustic folk music for years, Mikki Michelle formed duo Juniper Spective with Upstanding Members muso Kieran ‘Fonz’ Dennis. The duo gigged successfully around Melbourne at venues such as Revolver, Bar 303 and Ruby’s Lounge, releasing a self-titled EP in 2011.

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    Though she sang in the folk genre, Mikki had an undeniable jazz/cabaret undertone. So in 2012 she has branched out solo, embracing her inner-drama queen and creating a theatre-folk genre, with strong elements of jazz tossed in the mix. Think of her as Lily Allen meets Tori Amos as a pinup pixie. She has formed a backing band of jazz muso’s she refers to as her ‘November Ribbons’ or can be stripped back, raw and acoustic as a more organic flair. She can be flamboyant and wild, folksy and whimsical, melodic and earthy…but always sassy.

    Mikki’s upcoming EP is due to be released soon.

    Vote for Mikki Michelle’s song at Triple J’s Unearthed

  • This Week in Psychedelics

    Neşe Devenot is your reporter and for more on all the stories in This Week in Psychedelics, click the image above.

  • Rhythmik – Elz

    Rhythmik is the constantly evolving sound project of Mick Scarlett, organiser of Melbourne’s infamous Culture Jam parties.

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    With his first release full of quirky, bouncy beats, the project now explores a more vast pallet of styles, including crunk, breaks and unique techno. The sound design is aimed to be always instantly pleasing to the ear and accessible. The lives shows also aim to engage the crowd with the process of making sounds on the spot in a spontaneous, fun and engaging manner. His DJ sets adopt the philosophy of collecting as much great music from as many places as possible and mashing it up live, creating live remixes and being able to play to any crowd and environment with fun, funky ass music!

    Rhythmik has been lucky enough to play at many great parties across Australia, with memorable gigs being Winter Solstice in Cairns, Maitreya Festival and Reconnect Festival in Adelaide.

    With 3 releases so far, the project is still redefining itself and currently focuses on more intricate engaging sounds, fun remixes for dance floors, and beautiful creative music!

    You can get Rhythmik’s EPs and albums below:

  • Greg Kasarik Interview – #Hungerstrike2012

    The first interview is here.
    Second interview, here.

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