enpsychedelia launch 2019
New website, more podcasts, more content, more video, more news.


Enpsychedelia began as an infrequent podcast in 2012, produced by Nick Wallis and focusing on psychedelic issues. Over the following few years, Nick became more involved with drug law reform advocacy and activism. Ash Blackwell came on-board in the pre-planning stage, as the podcast grew into a weekly radio show on Melbourne’s 3CR.
The first 3CR episode aired on Sunday the 5th of July 2015 at 2pm and has been broadcast weekly since.

Over the years, the Enpsychedelia community has grown to include voices from a range of backgrounds, including those involved with drug law reform activism, harm reduction, politics, academia, policy development and the wide variety of people who use drugs. You’ll hear local and international experts and community members who are interested in all kinds of different psychoactive substances (drugs).
Enpsychedelia is the platform for people who use drugs, their allies and those who believe that prohibition causes more problems than it solves.